Angola Memorial Justice Center | Infrastructure Decommissioning and Adaptive Reuse (IDAR)

Angola, LA

Ivy discusses her role on the Ayanna Hammond campaign where she was first introduced to the concept of the Angola Memorial Justice Center. Eventually carried out by the Infrastructure Decommission and Reuse Department, the Angola Penitentiary is formally closed in 2030 creating the opportunity to convert the site into a place for restorative justice and regenerative agriculture.  

Ivy is a recent New Orleans college graduate from Biloxi, MS, who was inspired to engage climate activism after joining the Sunrise Movement Hub on her college campus and growing frustrated with politicians like Congressman Cedric Richmond who refused to take action to hold the petrochemical plants and refineries accountable for their pollution. She’s currently a field organizer for Ayanna Hammond, a progressive candidate for District 5 , who has consistently supported the progressive movements and ideals that Ivy has begun to adopt. She is optimistic about the future and provides her own speculation about the future of the Green New Deal and foreshadows some objects in our Green New Deal future. Ivy also talks about how she is being by introduced to Green New Deal futures through her friend Shae.


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