Carbon Neutral Celebration

Memphis, TN

B.B. owns a production company called Kilowatt Entertainment and he's been contracted to coordinate the Memphis, Tennessee Carbon Neutral Celebration. This a Green New Deal sponsored event to recognize the city's efforts towards creating a carbon neutral economy. Along with the environmental gains Memphis has achieved, the increased arts funding and Migration Support program have led to an entertainment boom.  

B.B. Johnson is a queer African-American man living in Memphis, Tennesse in the year 2040. B.B. owns a large production company after starting in the entertainment scene as an event planner.He appreciates the wide-scale retrofitting effort of the city and talks about the happiness of collectively enhancing the built environment. He’s excited to create an inclusive environment similar to events he’s attended and concludes with touching on how various Green New Deal programs have contributed to his city. This takes place in 2040.


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