Migration | Community Resilience & Mobility

Lake Charles, LA to Jonesboro, AR

The Meaux Family describe the experiences that have shaped their move from Lakes Charles, Lousiana to Jonesboro, Arkansas. With the assistance of the Community Resilience & Mobility Department's Migration Support program, the Meaux's are able to comfortably acclimate to their new community. Being connected to new jobs, a local social network, and support resources are key to the Meaux's ability to start their new life on the right foot.       

The Meauxs are a Cajun family from Lake Charles, Louisiana, relocating to Jonesboro, Arkansas, due to rising sea levels in 2035. David is the husband, Lisa the wife, and Taylor is their son. Lisa’s parents, despite living in a similarly threatened community, refuses to move because he wants to stay close to a memorial site honoring those harmed by nearby chemical plants. After being exposed to the damages caused by these companies and living through the Coronavirus, both David and Lisa were inspired to enter the healthcare field. They discuss how their job connects them to both nature and people throughout the Delta.


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