Satellite 3 Agroecology Farm | Infrastructure Decommissioning and Adaptive Reuse (IDAR)

Baton Rouge, LA

Adelle discusses her role as a farmer and teacher at a Bluebonnet Swamp Nature Center branch site called "Satellite 3 Agroecology Farm."  Made possible by the Infrastructure Decommission and Reuse program, the site represents the opportunity to integrate natural farming practices into the urban environment. To support this goal, a local elder from the Houma tribe is hired to support the farm staff as a community consultant through the USDA.    

Adelle Buford is a 45 year old Black American Creole woman living in Baton Rouge in the year 2025. She lived in New Orleans prior to 2022. She’s an employee at one of Bluebonnet Swamp’s Nature Center located in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. After the passing of the Green New Deal, Baton Rouge Parks and Rec (BREC) was able to expand from their traditional recreation and nature education efforts and move into agricultural land management innovation, which led to the conversion of Farr Park into an agroecology farm where Adelle works and heirloom crop seed sale similar to PlantFest! up at Hilltop Arboretum to spread crop diversity in the region.


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