Bayou Bridge Deconstruction | Infrastructure Decommissioning and Adaptive Reuse (IDAR)

St. James Parish, LA

In this scene, Anthony discusses his apprenticeship and eventual hiring as a Disassembly Operator working to dismantle the Bayou Bridge Pipeline. Situated within the Infrastructure Decommission and Reuse program, Anthony's role enables him to earn a decent wage while improving the environmental conditions of his home town. Despite his criminal record, IDAR serves as a great stepping stone for Anthony to a stable, middle-class wage.     

Anthony Mays is a Disassembly Operator, Deconstruction and Decommission Authority and formerly incarcerated African-American man from St. James Parish. Louisiana has one of the highest per capita incarceration rates, a modern rendition of the state’s slave-based economy. Thanks to the Green New Deal jobs guarantee, Anthony enrolls in a series of career training programs preparing him for a role with a new Delta Regional Authority Department while he is in prison. In addition to the training, Anthony is able to quickly transition to a quality job after he is released and his employer pays for him to finish his Associates degree. He appreciates the Green New Deal’s focus on providing quality jobs and the impact this has had on his family and friends, as well as in his own life.


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